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Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration

American Dreams

Jump aboard a paddlewheeler and experience a whole new America along its rivers. WORDS Simon Webber America looks very different when you’re exploring it via its rivers – especially when your mode of transport is a classic paddlewheeler. The splash of the wheel is the soundtrack of your journey along waterways that range from the Snake [...]

Captured from Water

Take a tour of these iconic water destinations through the lens of Australia’s top travel photographers and influencers. Darwin Harbour, NT Captured by Thom Shaw As professional travel bloggers and photographers, Emma and Thom Shaw have witnessed a number of breathtaking sunsets. A Darwin sunset aboard a cruise is at the top of their list. [...]

23 Travel Experiences for 2023

There’s no denying that Australia isn’t short of inspiring places to experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an overdue family holiday, or a solo adventure, we’ve pulled together our guide to travel for 2023. It’s a mix of Journey Beyond favourites and lesser trampled destinations to suit all types of travellers. WORDS: Lana [...]