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The platform we go to, to share our journeys and experiences. Our magazines are diverse with the content we post – covering travel, food & wine, fashion, and lifestyle. We love to share experiences from different individuals, as no story is the same. Despite having different journeys and experiences, we all share a common love for Australia’s natural beauty. These articles may help guide you in your upcoming adventure, or find your new favourite place! Discover the latest journeys, useful tips, news and stories below.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration

Fei’s Story

Before moving to Australia, I was working in China as a video director on documentaries and reality shows. I wanted to experience something different, and chose to come to Australia I started my journey in Queensland doing farm work, then moved into hospitality roles in the Whitsundays and later worked for a winery in South [...]

Alex’s Story

As a kid I used to watch the show “Getaway” and remember thinking wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could travel the world and get paid for it? Lo and behold, that became a possibility. Prior to working in tourism, I was in the Royal Australian Air Force. I spent my days in a [...]

Nitin’s Story

I migrated from India to Australia, and when I was a kid I had a rail track next to my house. Me and my brother always went around to the track to see the trains, we had a real passion for them.   I came to Adelaide in 2006 for studies in ICT and business management. [...]