Nitin’s Story

I migrated from India to Australia, and when I was a kid I had a rail track next to my house. Me and my brother always went around to the track to see the trains, we had a real passion for them.  

I came to Adelaide in 2006 for studies in ICT and business management. After finishing my studies, I started looking for work and found a vacancy on train at Journey Beyond Rail, I applied and here I am. My brother migrated in 2007 and joined me in working on the trains. We started the same month but worked in different teams, he is a qualified chef, and I was working in the front as a Hospitality Attendant. Trains are sort of a family thing for us.  

I started at Journey Beyond Rail as a Hospitality Attendant and then I had a chance to step up as a Lounge Host. I also worked as a Roster Coordinator, and after that I had a chance to work as a Restaurant Manager or what we now call a Guest Experience Manager (GEM). As a GEM I looked after everything for our guests, from food to drinks, to excursions and their future travels with Journey Beyond.   

I also completed a secondment in our Head Office as an IT Technician, which suited me as per my past experience and qualifications. Working in the IT team was a chance for me to get to know other members of our Journey Beyond family, meet the Head Office staff and support my on-train colleagues in resolving technical issues. I really enjoyed this role. I am now working as the Journey Manager of The Overland, leading the on-train team as we transport our guests on their journey between Adelaide and Melbourne.  

I have so many great memories from working on the trains. Every day has been different and over thirteen years I have met thousands of our guests. After finishing their journeys, they would all come to say thanks. Many of them hugged me and sometimes they’d even have tears in their eyes as they told me this had been the trip of a lifetime. After spending three or four days with them 24-hours a day, they treat us like family.  

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