Journey Lightly is a promise. It is a guiding principle which reminds us that we are more than a travel company. As we share the special places we are honoured to operate in, we do that with care, and we tread lightly. We are a true friend to the places we visit and to those we meet along the way, and we embrace the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the world around us.


Connecting with communities and culture

We seek to go beyond traditional corporate engagement by supporting and uplifting the communities connected to the areas in which we operate. We foster a sense of shared direction through a deeper understanding of culture and respectful community engagement.


Protecting our habitats and wildlife

We strive to protect the essence of what makes a place special. Through responsible tourism practices, stakeholder partnerships, conservation initiatives and wildlife protection, we strike a balance between exploration and preservation.


Reducing our environmental footprint

We aim to continuously explore ways to reduce our impact on the environment, through more sustainable practices across our operations. From lowering our outputs, to better conserving resources and managing waste responsibly, our initiatives help further safeguard our shared home – planet Earth.